The funeral was today. What happens tomorrow?

The funeral was today. What happens tomorrow?

The grief, the emptiness, the feeling of blankness for the death of a loved one.2014-04-23 11.46.53

Funeral plans are done, it’s emotional, very draining, maybe family members are together for the first time in a long time or it was unexpected and no one quite knows what to do. Everyone is given a task to do to prepare for the funeral, maybe select the readings, the songs, the photos, carrying the coffin, eulogy, the list goes on. But thanks to the funeral director all is in hand and is carried off without fault.

The funeral is over, you’ve been to the cemetery and placed your loved one at the chosen place – overlooking a river, the town, facing East, next to a friend…

Everyone has gone, the funeral is over, family and friends travel home.

What happens now, what happens tomorrow?

Do you visit the grave? Have some peace instead of the families and friends all around, cars and people standing silent, feeling the tightness of the loss.

What’s at the grave the next day? What can you expect, have you thought of that? Can you remember where it is, in amongst the roads and signs, a large cemetery can blur and look the same.

Beautiful flowers were placed on the grave the day before.

What does happen the next day after the funeral? A week of planning for the single event and it’s all over.

When visiting a new grave at our local cemetery you will find a green garden stake sticking up out of the earth with a name, dates and plot number, hand written in black permanent pen. Other cemeteries I have visited have stickers, and stake of wood, chalk on the road a number or nothing at all. These markers can stay there for a long time until the more permanent marker is placed, these markers are the ones people visit, grieve over in the weeks just after the funeral.

Is it worth thinking about the next day and planning for that too. Would a nice interim memorial be more suitable – I’ll leave you with that.