Cemetery Plaques & Memorials

Specialising in Cemetery products, Dearly Plaques & Memorials provides a flexible, timely, cost efficient and long lasting solution to the Cemetery’s signage and memorial requirements. With a growing range of services and products all made from aluminium we can provide a solution to the Cemeteries requirements for the following:

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Interim memorials

Interim memorials are intended to be short term in a cemetery or Mausoleum. They can be packaged with a burial plot or mausoleum crypt by the cemetery, with guidelines on the term of the marker. They take five business days from ordering to delivery to an Australian cemetery, our aim is for the memorial to be there for the day of the funeral. They are able to display brief information about the deceased and can be removed and placed into the family’s garden or another special place after the term of the memorial has expired at the cemetery. Alternatively they may be recycled by the cemetery. (OrthoMetals approved)

Interim memorials are available in following styles:

Rose In Flowers

Vine (160mm W X 437mm H)

Jarrod Reilly

Plain Small (160mm W X 150mm H)

Rose Engraved

Plain Large (160mm W X 437mm H)


Mausoleum Memorial (250mm W X 200mm H)


Gum Leaf (160mm W X 437mm H)

Cemetery Row Markers

Row markers provide a clear mark on each row in long lasting, rust proof powder coated aluminium. The markers are engraved to suit your row sections and can include logos. Markers can be placed into a lawn area or concreted along a path for easy directions to follow for cemetery visitors.



Thank you Sally for the awesome Row Markers. With all we have done there, it now makes the Kaniva and Lillimur Cemetery a wonderful place to visit.

– Suzann Holland, Customer Liaison Officer, Kaniva & Lillimur Cemetery

2014-07-22 15.28.11
Boroondara Row Markers 2 (161x200)
Plot numbers

Garden Markers

These plaques mark the type of garden area, the type of rose bush or tree, a garden marker can be engraved to your specifications and include pictures or logos. The size and shape can be customised to suit your requirements including colour choice.

Garden plaque
RPCV logo engraved
Dearly ANZAC

Mausoleum Crypt Case

An aluminium case holding cremated remains that can be interned within the mausoleum crypt. The case has been designed to hold all of the cremated remains and in a standard* Mausoleum, multiple crypt cases may be accommodated. The cases fit between the internal door and external granite casing.

2014-07-15 13.54.44

*standard mausoleum has a crypt width or face of 800 mm

Customised Memorials & Plaques

Aluminium provides a cost effective alternative to granite or bronze and it’s non-rusting, lasting properties make it a viable option for markers around a cemetery. Plaques can be customised to suit your requirements, whether they be for an interim marker or long term solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements at [email protected] Some examples.

Sam Brown
3 plaques