Personal Plaques & Memorials

The experience of losing a loved one is a very emotional time for you and your family.

To have a focal point and something fitting to help you come to terms with the separation and loss of your loved one is something you will value long after the initial grieving time. Not just a patch of grass, a number or a stake marker to mark their final resting place, but something tangible and attractive.

Melissa Cody

Personal Memorials

Dearly Plaques and Memorials provide beautiful, unique laser etched aluminium markers that can be a permanent memorial for family and friends to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.

Our memorials can be individualised and personalised to reflect the true nature and personality of the deceased.

Memorials that provide a place of reflection in your own garden, in a park or at a ‘special’ place that has meaning or memories to you. In some cases the loved person may have had their cremated remains scattered or they are buried at a cemetery that is a distance away. A personal memorial will be individualised with inscriptions and images to suit your requirements.

The engraving process allows us also to customise your memorial and etch beautiful, intricate images onto the plaque at your design.

Made from aluminium they are designed to last and not rust or fade. All memorials are Berry Grey, a colour that fits in to all surroundings.

Personal memorials range in price from RRP$115 - A$160 (ex GST) plus postage

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Interim Memorials

The time between burial and the placement of the permanent memorial is a crucial time for loved ones of the deceased to grieve at the site, to place flowers and offerings and to sit and reflect on past memories.

As the permanent memorial may take up to 12 months to be fixed to the site, in most cases this time passes without any plaque or marker appropriate to the memory of the special person. The delay is commonly due to allowing for a settling of the ground, manufacturing and ordering. Sometimes people just feel that they need more time to grieve before taking that final step.

Dearly Plaques and Memorials provides a personalised plaque which has been designed to mark the resting-place of a loved one and provide a place to grieve, and to reflect. They fill the time between burial and delivery of the memorial which then completes the process of internment.

The interim memorials are modern in design, able to display brief information about the loved one and can be removed and placed into the family’s garden, or another special place, once the permanent memorial plaque is constructed. They are sturdy, handmade aluminium plaques that will stand the test of time.

Interim memorials can be delivered to your funeral director or cemetery within a few days of your order.

Personal memorials range in price from RRP$115 - A$160 (ex GST) plus postage

Important note: Please ensure you do contact your cemetery to make sure your personal memorial can be placed into the cemetery with their consent.

Available Designs

Rose In Flowers

Vine (160mmW X 437mm H)

Rose Engraved

Plain Large (160mmW X 437mm H)


Gum leaf (160mmW X 437mm H)

Jarrod Reilly

Plain Small (160mm W X 150mm H)