WOW! A new innovation for Ballarat & the Funeral & Cemetery Service industry.. what to do now?

The Dearly Plaques and Memorial concept was formed whilst walking the family dog through the local Ballarat new cemetery where we observed that all new grave sites had a green garden stake as an interim marker… could they look any worse, are grieving families prepared to visit the next day and be faced with this STAKE?

These stakes indicate the name, date of birth and death and grave site reference. After months on the site they become broken, faded and impersonal.

They are usually surrounded by beautiful flowers and mementos but are very unattractive and not a fitting memorial.

Rose In Flowers

For many years we would walk past these new graves and think surely there is something better than a garden stake, somewhat similar to a tomato stake, to provide a mark for a dear friend lost?

Until the day came when we decided to venture into the manufacturing of these markers ourselves.

Wow!! A new innovation for Ballarat and the Funeral & Cemetery industry .. you would think an easy to embrace positive change?

Dearly Memorials provide interim markers for the time between the burial and placement of the permanent memorial.

Dearly memorials are made of light weight yet sturdy aluminum, powdercoated to last a life time and engraved to personalise the memorial. They are removed from the gravesite when the permanent memorial is installed and can be placed in the garden or place to be remembered, not just at the cemetery.

It would be lovely to walk the cemeteries of Australia and see not a garden stake, not a stick with texta marks, not a log of wood or a sticker for the interim time – but a Dearly interim memorial 🙂